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At her first day of school, she runs afoul of local Alpha Bitch Maddie and her Girl Posse, the "Panthers" - and Maddie soon discovers she's also a witch.

Emma and Maddie are soon set up to be rivals both at school and in the witches' realm as they compete to see who can be "The Chosen One." Unbeknownst to either them or their mentors, there's a third witch running around who's bent on stealing both Emma's and Maddie's powers and becoming the Chosen One herself.

Emma is a new student who moves to Miami and starts attending Iridium High School.

As she's unpacking boxes, she not only meets her new best friend Andi and Love Interest Daniel, but discovers she suddenly has magic powers when a flock of butterflies appears from nowhere (with Andi witnessing the spontaneous creation and putting it together immediately).

Born in the Bronx and now living in Long Island, this Cuban and Puerto Rican star comes from a big family.

With a father in the DEA (Drug Enforcement Administration) and a mother working for a private hospital, we were curious as to how this teen got into acting!

Unlikely duos, college shenanigans, and secrets: All elements of a classic, coming-of-age dramedy. Ophelia may be an anarchist drug dealer, but she’s also the campus tutor.

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These girls exist in opposite realms of their university’s social strata, yet bond over a furtive mission.

Like the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles keep New York City safe from Shredder and his evil cronies, Ophelia and Jules band together to keep their fellow students safe from villains—specifically campus rapists. “There’s nothing funny about it,” said Robinson, referring to sexual assault.

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