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dispatch=load Selection Data&event Id=3603825 12/13/10 Jan 22nd 2011: 2011 SNOW BALL!! Details on the Shows page 03/14/08 Dirge (featuring Shaun Glass of SOi L) joins Destrophy at the House Of Bricks on March 21st in Des Moines! 03/08/08 Tickets for March 21st House Of Bricks ALL AGES Show are available online now. Details on Shows page and flyer available on the Downloads page 12/17/07 The final live Destrophy performance of 2007: come to the House Of Bricks in Des Moines, Iowa for an ALL AGES New Year's Eve party!

Doors at pm Get your tickets for in advance by clicking here! 06/17/08 Destrophy will perform July 5th on the secondstage at Lazerfest 2.0 in Indianola, Iowa featuring Stone Temple Pilots, Hinder, Filter, Staind, Drowning Pool, and more! 06/13/08 Des Moines show with Facecage on June 14th is cancelled due to the flood. To get the new album, "The Way Of Your World" immediately from the i Tunes store, click HERE! 07/07/07 Destrophy opening for Hellyeah (featuring Pantera drummer, Vinnie Paul and Mudvayne singer Chad Gray).

New: Oh, and all the groups started by others and relating to this story have been deleted. But, a new profile has risen..I promise there's no worm in it. If someone views my profile and gets this program added to their profile, that means anyone who views THEIR profile also adds me as a friend and hero, and then anyone who hits THOSE people's profiles add me as a friend and hero... It ruins what I want on my hero's section and it's pointless. From: Angelsrage Date: Sat Oct 15 2005this is fuckin awesome seriously, i can understand hacking a site devoted to something you totally are agianst like for me NAZI sites. that was ingenious, too bad that anonymous chick who pasted Fri Oct 14 2005, cant admire the beauty of it and has to bitch just cuz she/he/it cant talk to their friends for the night. If there is any hot chicks out there, you can be my friend (the only one I have now is Tom). kinda scary tho :) From: Connor Minkley Date: Sat Nov 26 2005blahhwahh THATS FUCKING AMAZIN MAD SKILLZ SAMY! From: fellow Date: Tue Dec 6 2005Too bad people can't appreciate the cleverness and humor of it.

Update 11/01/05: My new account has been deleted/removed somehow. A few months back, I decided to make a permanent myspace account so that I could easily view pictures of random girls whenever I please without creating a new account each time. A Chipotle burrito bol and a few clicks later, anyone who viewed my profile who wasn't already on my friends list would inadvertently add me as a friend. So if 5 people viewed my profile, that's 5 new friends. Regardless, I don't care about popularity, but it can't hurt, right? From: actionfaad Date: Fri Oct 14 2005And how ironic is it that being lame and trying to get popularity by force ended up making people come to you and love you by choice? is their life really that lame that their only life outside of skool or work is to be on myspace. Just do a search on the email below to find my profile :-) P. There are still hundreds, if not thousands of people with "samy is my hero" still on their profiles! dude you should help me hook maself up with one of dem codes i wanna be a celebrity like samy! He wasn't being malicious people, so unbundle your undies.

Featuring: Otep, Bury Your Dead, Through The Eyes Of The Dead, and Destrophy. For latest tour info, go to: or 12/03/09 December tour dates announced. Go to: 02/09/09 Destrophy to open for Avenged Sevenfold, Papa Roach and Buckcherry in Council Bluffs, IA at the Mid America Center on Valentine's Day (Saturday, Feb 14th). Details and tickets on the Shows page 01/16/09 Destrophy opens for Disturbed and Skindred at The Rave in Milwaukee, WI. 11/08/08 From our 2008 Summer tour with Drowning Pool- some footage of Ari singing Pantera's "Cowboys From Hell" with Drowning Pool. Go here for more information: 04/25/07 New shows posted on Shows page 04/08/07 Destrophy on Epicurean signed to Metal Blade Records, with album produced by Ari.

or for the most up to date news and dates. 10/23/09 Destrophy's debut album on Victory Records - 10/26/09 - available on i Tunes Best Buy FYE everywhere! 09/28/09 Destrophy will be on tour with Type O Negative in October! See article here 03/09/07 Downloadable flyer available on the Downloads page 02/07/07 Ari sidelined with injury.

Their My Space blogs had entries that related to the show.

Hana introduced her My Space page through her blog.

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Both Claire's and Zach's My Space pages were introduced prior to the first episode of Heroes.

Your question wasn't that clear for me to understand so I will need you to answer a few questions before I can assist you. If it is a one night stand or chance encounter then you have nothing to worry about. Well Craigslist is basically a service where you can go and post classified ads for free. I live out here in NY so when I want to post ad or search for a job I go to NY Craigslist.