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If you are an Amazon S3 user, you can easily migrate your applications that use Amazon S3 to use Google Cloud Storage.You have two migration options: This is this easiest way to get started with Cloud Storage if you are coming from Amazon S3 because it requires just a few simple changes to the tools and libraries you currently use with Amazon S3. While a simple migration allows you to get going quickly with Cloud Storage, it does not allow you to use all the features of Google Cloud Storage.Testing Tools are used to determine whether the messages exchanged with a Web service conform to WS-I guidelines.The Open Stage phone family consists of the SIP phones shown on the right.Event Address: t=a&d=668350106Dial-in: 1-650-479-3207Access code: 668 350 106 We hope to see you there!WS-I’s deliverables provide resources for Web services developers to create interoperable Web services and verify that their results are compliant with WS-I guidelines.

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Equating this observation to everyday life, I bet you don’t usually check the expiration date on a bag of chips.

Sample Applications demonstrate Web services applications that are compliant with WS-I guidelines.

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