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12-Dec-2017 09:50

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Only about one-fifth live in cities of 100,000 or more.

Munich is the third largest city in , where many ethnic Germans had lived for centuries.

The number of white nationalists and self-identified Nazi sympathisers on Twitter have multiplied more than 600 per cent in the last four years, outperforming the so-called Islamic State (Isis) in everything from follower counts to number of daily tweets, a new study found.

Researchers at George Washington University’s Programme on Extremism analysed 18 accounts belonging to major white nationalist groups and organisations – such as the American Nazi Party and the National Socialist Movement – mostly located in the US.

These accounts saw a sharp increase in followers, from about 3,500 in 2012 to 22,000 in 2016.

The study notes that while Isis stood out for its outreach and recruitment using Twitter since the group’s emergence a few years ago, white nationalist groups have excelled in the medium.

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In August, the company said that it shut down roughly 360,000 accounts for what they saw as promoting terrorism.

Yet, the GWU study said that white nationalists are using the site with “relative impunity”.

“On Twitter, Isis' preferred social platform, American white nationalist movements have seen their followers grow by more than 600 per cent since 2012,” the study, authored by JM Berger, stated.

Nasr, who had a rifle slung over one shoulder and a camera in his other hand, is a member of the SSNP’s military wing known as the Eagles of the Whirlwind.

“It was hard,” he said, recounting the battle against the Nusra Front in late 2014.They reach their highest point with the 9,718-foot (2,962-metre) , the southeast by residents of old Bavarian stock, and the southwest by people of Bavarian-Swabian descent.

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