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As they continued their drinking session on the pavement, an onlooker revealed that ‘when she, Johnny and a third pal headed for a nearby van, it wasn’t at first obvious why’.

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The pair were caught boozing on Saturday night in Camden’s Joe’s Pub but were kicked out at 2am when the bar closed, and in pictures that will shock fans of the former Doctor Who actress, Billie was ‘all over the place’ and looked ‘dead-eyed’.

During this time, Jay began to start a relationship with Nya.

Nya helped fight the Serpentine and later the Stone Army, who corrupted her using Dark Matter.

Klein was left with claw marks across his face and chest after a fight in Wildenstein's New York apartment on December 7.

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Days later, he was arrested after supposedly hurling 71-year-old Wildenstein to the ground when he returned for his possessions Wildenstein was accused of slashing Klein's face with a pair of scissors and gouging his face with her nails.Lloyd is a popular R&B vocalist and occasional rapper who hails from Atlanta, Georgia.